Veteran’s Health is proud to distribute and assist with the sales of top-quality medical supplies, equipment and devices from America’s premier health care manufacturers. Click on a supplier’s name to view its products in our catalog.

Access Medical USA
Armstrong Medical
Cone Instruments
Crawford Healthcare
DePuy Mitek
DePuy Mitek
Gap Flex
JRF Ortho
Johnson & Johnson Vision
Marina Medical
Osiris Therapeutics
Richard Wolf
Sklar Instruments
Tissue Regenix

Access Medical USA

specialists in vascular access

AMO Sales and Services, Inc / Johnson & Johnson Vision

manufacturer of the world-leading ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses; now expanding into cataract surgery, laser refractive surgery (LASIK) and consumer eye health

Armstrong Medical

medical carts-crash carts, bedside carts, procedure carts, anesthesia carts, anesthesia chairs


Bioderm® specializes in the manufacture of innovative male external catheters, skin-friendly Securement

Boehringer Laboratories

Boehringer Laboratories has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality medical devices for the critical care market for almost 40 years; a market presence in hospital suction controls, autologous blood transfusion, and bariatric surgery


The Brewer Company offers healthcare providers the Power to Advance through our comprehensive line of clinical and exam room solutions, including the industry-leading Access High-Low Table and innovative LiftMate patient lift.

Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

innovative solutions for treating peripheral and coronary vascular disease

Cone Instruments

ultrasound supplies, radiology supplies, nuclear med supplies, MRI safe accessories, ultrasound printers, exam room supplies (radiology)

Crawford Healthcare

dedicated to developing innovative, cost conscious wound care and diagnostic products for the care and repair of skin


the leading U.S. source for EPAT devices

DePuy Mitek

non-surgical treatments, suture anchoring implants, products for anterior cruciate ligament, meniscus repair and cartilage repair, orthopedic sports medicine products, arthroscopic surgical solutions

DePuy Synthes

medical devices and solutions in orthopaedics, spinal care and neuroscience

Distribution Systems International

focused on providing Lean inventory management systems that will increase employee productivity, decrease cost of labor, and increase bottom line savings

EKOS Corporation

the EkoSonic® Endovascular System is a minimally invasive system that dissolves thrombus by delivering lytic and ultrasound energy that accelerates lytic dispersion


Encision’s Advanced AEM® Monopolar Instruments and Monitors are the only technological solution to eliminate stray energy burns during laparoscopic surgery, reducing surgical complications and readmissions

Espiner Medical

manufactures Espiner Retrieval Bags for laparoscopic surgery, which provide durability, impermeability, and ease of use

Genesys Spine

Founded in December of 2009, Genesys Spine’s mission was to bring a suite of medical implants and instruments with novel characteristics into a mature spinal fusion market. Genesys has released eight new FDA cleared product lines with several other products in various stages of the design and development cycle.

Glaukos Corporation

ophthalmic devices, micro invasive glaucoma surgical devices, trabecular bypass stents


Puracyn Plus Professional Formula is the next generation wound irrigation and management solution designed to improve preparation of the wound bed

JRF Ortho

specializes in offering the largest selection of high-viability fresh osteochondral grafts, menisci, and tendons in the industry

LiNA Medical USA, Inc.

innovative products designed for procedures within Minimal Invasive Gynaecology





Marina Medical Instruments

design and manufacture surgical instruments, specializing in the fields of Gynecology, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, and Otolaryngology


the EPi-Sense® Ablation Device uses minimally invasive abdominal access to create long linear lesions on the epicardium, under direct endoscopic visualization, for posterior silencing

Organogenesis Inc.

PuraPly Wound Matrix and PuraPly Antimicrobial Wound Matrix for the management of acute and chronic wounds; Apligraf for venous leg ulcers (VLUs) and diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs); Dermagraft for use in the treatment of full-thickness diabetic foot ulcers

OrthoSensor, Inc.

manufactures VERASENSE, a disposable sensor-assisted technology used during total knee replacement (TKR) to wirelessly transmit data and enable surgeons to customize implant positioning and improve soft tissue balance and stability in the knee

Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

a leading cellular and regenerative medicine company focused on developing and marketing products to treat conditions in wound care, orthopaedics, and sports medicine

PSS Urology, Inc.

PSS Urology, Inc. Manufactures and distributes high quality alternative bipolar electrodes and other high quality devices for Urologic surgery

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp.

optical endoscopic systems, precision stainless-steel instruments, integrated video and electronic OR systems

Sklar Corp.

OR grade surgical Instruments, sterile kits, laparoscopic instruments, electrosurgical and laser instruments, dental instruments, scalpels and blades, and SPS supplies


medical devices used in minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures to treat arterial blockages in the heart and legs and to remove pacemaker and defibrillator leads

Summit Medical Products

finding better ways to care for people with the ambIT® Electronic Infusion Pump. Its innovative programmable design provides superior accuracy, ease-of-use, and patient mobility and comfort

Tenex Health

diseased soft tissue removal technology

See news stories about Tenex’ new device for relieving tendon pain here and here!

Tissue Regenix Wound
Care Inc.

DermaPure® is a new, decellularized human dermis product from Tissue Regenix that is created using the proprietary dCELL® Technology to most closely approximate the structure and function of the native tissue it is replacing

Torax Medical, Inc.

Torax Medical’s technology, Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation, uses the attraction forces of magnets to augment weak or defective sphincter muscles to treat Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

W.L. Gore

grafts, endovascular and interventional devices, and surgical meshes for the following specialties: bariatric surgery, cardiovascular, colorectal surgery, endovascular, gastroenterology, general surgery, hernia, interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, pediatric cardiovascular, peripheral disease, spine surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery

Zimmer Biomet

joint replacement, ortho reconstructive, spinal and trauma services, OR equipment and accessories, biologics and bone filler

Zimmer Dental

regenerative dentistry, featuring PUROS product line

Zimmer Dornoch

fluid waste management systems

Zimmer ETEX

manufactures four bone graft products that mimic the chemical composition and nanocrystalline size of bone, enabling the body to replace the material naturally with new patient bone

Zimmer Knee Creations

minimally invasive procedure that helps the body heal defects in the bone